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STARS ENGLAND BOB WILSON Portrait Drawing Soccer Football Khaled3Ken Gallery

STARS ENGLAND BOB WILSON Portrait Drawing Soccer Football Khaled3Ken Gallery
Robert "Bob" Primrose Wilson OBE (born 30 October 1941 in Chesterfield,England) is a former Scotland international football goalkeeper and laterbroadcaster.
As a player, Wilson is most noted for his career at Arsenal between 1963 and 1974. He made over 300 appearances for Arsenal and two appearances forScotland, the first Englishman since 1873 to do so, having previously played for the England schoolboys under 15 team. After retiring as a player, he turned to coaching and broadcasting, presenting football programmes ontelevision for 28 years, until 2002, and his opinion is still sought by radio and television to this day.
His unusual middle name has often been a source of amusement; it stems from a Scottish tradition of giving children their mother's maiden name as a middle name.
In February 1994, his daughter Anna was diagnosed with malignant schwannoma, a cancer of the nerve sheath. After a long fight, she died on 1 December 1998, six days before her 32nd birthday. The "Willow Foundation" was set up in her memory in 1999 and operated locally, mainly in Hertfordshire. Wilson relaunched the charity on 4 October 2005 with a national remit. The organisation was established in Anna's memory and now helps some of the estimated 12,500 people in the UK, aged 16–40, who are diagnosed every year with a life-threatening illness. In 2007, Wilson was awarded membership into the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his charity work.
Wilson suffered a further tragedy in August 2010 when Anna's widower, Mitchell Carey, died suddenly at the age of 44. An inquest later revealed that Carey, who had since re-married and had two children, died as a result of food poisoning - his death had originally been believed to have been the result of stepping on a sea urchin while on holiday in Greece shortly before his death in Stevenage.
Portrait Drawing Football Star Soccer Player
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