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18 Ocak 2013 Cuma

Portrait Drawing Soccer Football Khaled3Ken Gallery william john charles

رسم بورتريه تعليم رسم الرسام خالد عبد الكريم موقع عالمى كرة القدم مشاهير
William John Charles, CBE (27 December 1931 – 21 February 2004), commonly known as John Charles, was a Welsh international footballer best remembered for spells with Leeds United and Juventus. Rated by many as the greatest all-round footballer ever to come from Wales, he was equally adept at centre-forward orcentre-back. He has since been included in the Football League 100 Legends and was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame.
He was never cautioned or sent off during his entire career, due to his philosophy of never kicking or intentionally hurting opposing players. Standing at 6 feet 2 inches, he was nicknamed Il Gigante Buono – The Gentle Giant.
His brother, Mel Charles and nephew Jeremy Charles, also represented Wales.
In the foreword for Charles' autobiography, Sir Bobby Robson described him as "incomparable" and classed him among the all-time footballing greats such as Pelé, Diego Maradona and George Best. He also notes that Charles is the only footballing great to be world class in two very different positions.
"John wasn't only one of the greatest footballers who ever lived. He was one of the greatest men ever to play the game Sir Bobby Robson.
Jimmy Greaves once stated that "if I were picking my all-time great British team, or even a world eleven, John Charles would be in it". Other footballers have also named him as one of the best, including Jack Charlton, Nat Lofthouse and Billy Wright. Jack Charlton said "he was the best header of the ball I ever saw in my life."
Charles' accomplishments with Juventus led to him being voted 'the greatest foreign player ever in Serie A', ahead of Maradona, Michel Platini, Marco Van Basten and Zinedine Zidane – this in 1997, 34 years after his last appearance in the league. In 2001 he became the first non-Italian inducted to the Azzurri Hall of Fame.
Portrait Drawing Football Star Soccer Player
تعليم رسم البورتريه مشاهير العالم كرة القدم الرسام خالد عبد الكريم
Egypt / Alexandria
Gallery Khaled3Ken
Artist Khaled abd El-Karin
Artist Ken Maadi/Bernd Hossmann
Language - English and German
Mobile. 00201285107402
Language - Arabic

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