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Portrait Drawing Soccer Football Khaled3Ken Gallery IVAN HURTADO

Portrait Drawing Soccer Football Khaled3Ken Gallery IVAN HURTADO

Iv?n Jacinto Hurtado Angulo (born August 16, 1974 in Esmeraldas) is anEcuadorian professional football centre back for Barcelona as well as captaining theEcuadorian national team. He is currently one of the most capped male footballers of all time.He started his career with the small club of his hometown, Esmeraldas Petrolero, at the age of 16. A year later he moved on to one of Ecuador's biggest clubs inGuayaquil, Emelec, and had two stellar seasons, including two championships with the club, in one of them he scored the championship goal with a free kick he executed.His excellent play warranted a switch to the Mexican leagues where he even further developed his defending techniques and his intelligent read of the game. Ivan made a big impact in his first club, Celaya, where he led them to the Mexican league finals. He then moved to Tigres. He then moved on to the La Liga in Spain playing for Real Murcia.[1] After a mostly successful spell with Pachuca in Primera Divisi?n de México, he moved on to Al Arabi in the Qatari League, impressing many over there.After the FIFA World Cup in Germany, where Hurtado shone, it was reported that high profile clubs such as English Premier League's Wigan Athletic, and Spanish La Liga'sRecreativo Huelva and Villarreal were highly interested in him. However none of these rumors were accurate, and after spending six more months with Al Arabi, Hurtado moved to Colombia where he played for Atlético Nacional, he led the defence of the team, becoming captain in the back-to-back titles in 2007. In mid-2009, he will return to Deportivo Quito for the remainder of their Once a top class defender, he is known in Spanish by his fans as "Bam Bam" for ramming the football with his feet like the Hanna-Barbera character does with his club. Ivan's playing style differs from his national partner, Giovanny Espinoza. While Espinoza is a very large player who uses his size, power and speed to overwhelm his adversary, Hurtado is considered to be very classy and often needs no contact at all to dispossess his adversary. Ivan also makes very clean tackles, organizes his back line as well as the best of them, and can even display confidence with the ball at his feet, and he can occasionally make surprising dashes forward.A notable long and short passer, Hurtado has also taken free kicks well. Although not able to the bend the ball as well as other notable free kick takers, he has been known to strike the ball with such force that goalkeepers find it hard to judge and time his shots.

Portrait Drawing Football Star Soccer Player
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