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9 Ocak 2013 Çarşamba

Portrait Drawing Soccer Football bosnia hasan salih amidzic Khaled3Ken Galery bosnia sergej barbarez

Portrait Drawing Soccer Football bosnia hasan salih amidzic Khaled3Ken Galery bosnia sergej barbarez

Sergej Barbarez (born 17 September 1971) is a former football attackingmidfielder from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He spent all of his club career playing in Germany. He finished his career after the season 2007–08. Despite being naturally a midfielder, he could also play as a forward or even as an emergencydefender. He is a former captain of Bosnia and Herzegovina national football team and is considered as one of the all time great players of Hamburger SVwhere he scored 65 goals in 174 Bundesliga games.
In the 2000–01 Bundesliga season while playing for Hamburger SV he was a joint top scorer with 22 goals with Ebbe Sand of FC Schalke 04 at the end of the season.
Barbarez was born to father Ljubo and mother Zlata, in the city of Mostar,Bosnia and Herzegovina (then part of Yugoslavia). His father is Bosnian Serb(Orthodox) and his mother is half-Croat (Catholic) and half-Bosniak (Muslim).
Here, Barbarez was raised by his parents where he also received his education. As a young child, Sergej Barbarez was actually not very interested in footballbut in basketball and athletics. However, at the age of eleven, Barbarez started playing football though mostly for fun with friends after school. His father played as a left-back in FK Lokomotivi and his grandfather Milan was also a footballer.
Then, in 1984, Barbarez took a step further and started playing football for the youth team of FK Velež in his native city of Mostar.
Some six years later, Barbarez signed with the first team of FK Velež at the age of 19. However, briefly after, Barbarez served as a Military police in theYugoslav People's Army in Zagreb in 1991 before returning to Mostar to continue his career. In 1991, Sergej Barbarez returned to FK Velež and soon after everyone realized that Barbarez was a true talent.
Portrait Drawing Football Star Soccer Player
تعليم رسم بورتريه الرسام خالد عبد الكريم
Egypt / Alexandria
Gallery Khaled3Ken
Artist Khaled abd El-Karin
Artist Ken Maadi/Bernd Hossmann
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