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22 Ocak 2013 Salı

FRANZTINEK PLANICKA Portrait Drawing Soccer Football Khaled3Ken Gallery

FRANZTINEK PLANICKA Portrait Drawing Soccer Football Khaled3Ken Gallery
Franti?ek Pl?ni?ka (Czech pronunciation:2 June 1904 – 20 July 1996) was a Czech football goalkeeper and one of the most honoured players in the history of Czechoslovakian football. He played the majority of his career for Slavia Prague, during which time the club won the Czech league eight times and the Mitropa Cup once. He also became a member of the Czechoslovakia national team and later itscaptain during the World Cup finals of 1934 (where the Czech team finished second) and 1938.
Pl?ni?ka was a courageous player, to the extent that in Czechoslovakia's 1938 World Cup match against Brazil, he remained on the field despite having suffered a serious injury. He was a goalkeeper of outstanding reflexes and shot-stopping abilities and was also characterized by his sportsmanship, never once being cautioned or sent off in his career. He was awarded the UNESCO International Fair Play Award in 1985
In 1999, the IFFHS elected him the best Czech goalkeeper – and ninth best overall – of the twentieth century. In 2003, he was catalogued as the greatest goalkeeper of an era that included other notable keepers such as Ricardo Zamora and Giampiero Combi.
Portrait Drawing Football Star Soccer Player
تعليم رسم البورتريه مشاهير العالم كرة القدم الرسام خالد عبد الكريم
Egypt / Alexandria
Gallery Khaled3Ken
Artist Khaled abd El-Karin
Artist Ken Maadi/Bernd Hossmann
Language - English and German
Mobile. 00201285107402
Language - Arabic

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