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22 Ocak 2013 Salı

ANTONIN PANENKA Portrait Drawing Soccer Football Khaled3Ken Gallery

ANTONIN PANENKA Portrait Drawing Soccer Football Khaled3Ken Gallery
Anton?n Panenka (born 2 December 1948 in Prague) is a Czech former footballer. He played most of his career for Bohemians Prague. Panenka won the 1976 European Championship with Czechoslovakia. In the final against West Germany he scored the winning penalty in the shootout with a softly chipped ball up the middle as the goalie dived away; this style of penalty is now called the Panenka penalty. In 1980 he won Czechoslovak Footballer of the Year and his team finished third in the1980 European Championship.
Even to this day, many football commentators are amazed at how Panenka managed to hold his nerve to take a shot like that, especially as he would have looked extremely silly had the keeper not dived. Pele said it could be attempted by "either a genius or a madman". Panenka said he never had any doubt that he would score.
"About two years before the European Championships I began trying it. At first I did it during friendly matches and then I did it once or twice during Czechoslovak league matches. It worked so well that I decided that I would use the technique if I got a penalty at the European Championships. Of course, it was pure chance that the opportunity came in the final after the Germans equalised in the last minute and then, when it went to penalties, the German player missed his kick before it was my turn. It was like the will of God. I was one thousand percent certain that I would take the penalty in that way and that I would score."
The Panenka penalty has since been successfully duplicated by Zinedine Zidane in the 2006 World Cup Final, Sebastian Abreu in the2010 World Cup, both Andrea Pirlo and Sergio Ramos at UEFA Euro 2012,Hélder Postiga at UEFA Euro 2004 and Francesco Totti at UEFA Euro 2000. A few who have tried unsuccessfully have been Neymar, Mickaël Landreau, Antonio Calle, Rogerio Ceni, Maicosuel, Marko Devic, Graham Zusi, Andrea Pirlo and Robin van Persie. and Iraq's Younis Mahmoud in the 2013 Gulf Cup Semi-Final match against Bahrain
As well as winning the 1976 European Championship, Panenka helped Czechoslovakia come third in the 1980 tournament, after scoring once again in a 9–8 penalty shootout win. In the finals of the 1982 World Cup; Panenka scored twice with penalties, but these were the only Czechoslovakian goals, and the team did not progress beyond the first group stage.
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